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A special agreement between Expo College and ICOM Milano 2016

A special agreement has given ICOM Milano 2016 participants the opportunity to book their own room through EXPO College at highly convenient rates. About 200 rooms were available in Milan.

Expo College has hosted 68 ICOM guests in different locations of its network,  for a total of 331 nights.


Many professionals are represented at the General Conference: museum and heritage professionals, curators, conservators, archaeologists, historians, architects, urban planners, exhibition designers, project managers, archivists, registrars, inventory coordinators, document and knowledge managers, librarians, government officials, cultural policy makers, cultural officers, tourism experts, researchers, academics, lecturers, artists, suppliers, consultants… Participants can also be culture enthusiasts, senior members and students of the above fields and, of course, ambitious newcomers.

Almost half of the participants of the ICOM Seoul 2004 General  Conference were directors or board members of museums, while about 20% were curators and conservators. Professors and educators made up almost 10% of the participants.

At each edition of the General Conference, more than 100 nationalities are present (100 in Seoul, 117 in Vienna, 122 in China and 103 in Brazil).


The international museum community gathered together in Milan around the theme of Museums and cultural landscapes, which raised a number of issues dear to all of us, as museums around the world strive to redefine their roles and positions in relation to their communities and with respect to the cultural heritage that lies beyond their walls.

Packed with stimulating sessions, networking opportunities and committee meetings, the week-long ICOM General Conference has been key in allowing ICOM’s 35,000 members from some 140 countries, alongside other museum professionals from an array of cultural and linguistic horizons, t omaintain and expand their expertise and leadership on cultural heritage issues.

Expo College is proud to have been part of this important appointment.