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Expo Village, the book

Expo Village best practices  has become a publication.

From non-place to community: the multicultural experience of Expo Village – Expo Milano 2015

Expo Village was home to the Participating Delegations at Expo Milano 2015. A village of seven skyscrapers just few steps from the Expo site, and, at the same time,  an innovative multicultural project where more than 5,000 people from 130 countries lived together.

Today the experience of Expo Village has become a publication by Nadio Delai, presented Tuesday, May 10, 2016, at 18.00 – at the Fondazione Bracco Via Cino del Duca, 8 in Milan.

The management, entrusted to the Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi, thanks to its experience and expertise in temporary housing accommodation, with strong multicultural and international value, expressed a sophisticated cultural software to qualify the relaztionships with the guests allowing Expo Village to grow from an initial “non-place” status and emerge into an “almost-community” status.

The heart of the internal activities at Expo Village was the  Reception, the welcome place -open 24 hours-  where the front office staff , in 10 different languages, has accompanied and supported the stay of all guests.

It was a time of integration and multiculturalism , a good practice model exportable and applicable to other international events.

Tuesday, May 10, after the welcome of Diana Bracco, the author Nadio Delai, sociologist and President of Ermeneia, presented the experience. Among the speakers also some guests of Expo Village from different countries around the world, the Managing Director of Expo Village, Stefano Blanco and President of the Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi, Salvatore Carrubba.
he journalist Ugo Savoia moderated the meeting.